We believe this is the best system for earning Passive income online. There is no recruiting, no weekly trainings or offline events to attend that you will traditionally find in Network Marketing. We take the passive income aspect without recruiting. Best of both worlds.

What is I.P.I.S

I.P.I.S stands for ICO Gold Rush Passive Income System which is a part of our ICOGR suite. The income is generated through crypto currency earned through rewards given for carrying out certain tasks on the blockchain. This is done automatically by a computer or MASTERNODE which is set up for you and runs on Autopilot.


I would definitely recommend ICOGOLDRUSH to anyone who wants to learn about ICO, passive income & cryptocurrency in overall because this is the best course ever you will find online.

I have joined ICOGOLDRUSH since September 2017, started investing into ICOs with $15k & now my portfolio estimates around $200k.

Moreover, the course gives us passive income system which helps me to earn $400-500$ daily. Nowhere else I could find such course. ICOGOLDRUSH is the only course that provides me with such opportunity. It teaches you everything about cryptocurrency from the beginning up to high level. The mentors are the best supportive & honest, the community is the best friendly & always ready in assistance. I couldn’t asked more than that.

Thank you for everything Ng Gavin, Garth & Casey. You guys are the best! Let’s keep rocking & rolling lol – by Battsetseg Nokhoijav

The Problem

Some Masternodes can be expensive to get into costing several thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars.

To setup this network of Nodes, maintain, and problem solve can be very technically challenging for the average person.

They lack the financial and technical aspects to get started. This is what stops most people getting into Masternodes.

The Solution

IPIS solves these issues. We have set up a ‘Done-for-You’ system of Masternodes. Just set and forget and get paid once a week.

The financial challenges have also been solved, we pool or break down the Masternode into seats costing less for each person to get into.

Kind of like buying a share or percentage of the Masternode. That percentage is equal to the profits generated and paid out to you weekly.

Not only that we offer step by step training, designated live support, Community collaboration so every hurdle can be overcome for new people coming in.

This is a complete system.

How does it work?

What is a Masternode?

The income comes from a unique feature in crypto currency called Masternodes. Masternodes are essentially a investment vehicle that pays investors a passive income for owning and hosting a full node, which consists of owning a required number of that blockchain’s tokens on the company’s network. We take advantage of this feature to create passive income daily. 


A Masternode unique features are:

  • Securing privacy of transactions

  • Caring out  instant transactions

  • Governance and voting

  • Enable budgeting . etc

    You don’t need to know how the technical aspects work, just know it works. This is all done for you by a experienced team, they handle everything for a 7% fee that comes out of your weekly pay.

I am a Professional Hospitality Consultant living in the SE Asia, here is my IPIS testimonial – Civi Johnson
Brad from Brisbane Australia runs two convenient shops in a family business, He works 14 hour days. He’s now at $300 USD per week in IPIS. Here is Brad’s testimonial – by Brad Bateman

What You Get


Step by Step Over-the-shoulder Video Training


One-time payment for Life time Access


Access to our Private group to Buy seats


Pre selected Coins picked for you


Access to Members Only Slack & Discord groups


Only 7% fee charged for technical work, maintenance and  payouts



(35 Videos, My secret Portfolio, 3rd Party Pooling sources, Slack community)

Over 400 Members have already joined the Community

Hank has been in 3 weeks with IPIS, he invested $500, here is his testimonial
Anthony has been in IPIS for 4 weeks,he invest $450 USD and making $75 USD/week. He says it’s newbie friendly, if you love passive income this is the place to be.

Mike from Romania has been in IPIS for 3 weeks now almost at $100 per day

Gary made $500 in 3 weeks with IPIS here is his testimonial

Mohammad from the UK is at $200 a day here is his testimonial

From the team of ICOGR we look forward to having you on board.

  • Ng Gavin

    Ng Gavin

    Creator of I.P.I.S and ICO Gold Rush Course

  • Garth Scaysbrook

    Garth Scaysbrook

    Lead Developer and Graphic Design


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Income Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick system nor do we believe in overnight success. By law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our this system, affiliate program, information, tools or strategies. That will be determine by you.To be blunt rewards generated from Masternodes is not guaranteed. There are many factors that influence the IPIS daily returns such as crypto currency market conditions, Bitcoin price, competition, tiered financial investment level, coin selection, amount re-invested etcThe testimonials by the members above are 100% real from real people, however this is their results, in now way it’s it a guarantee of your results. You daily income will be different depending investment amount, commitment and diligence on your part and the said factors already mentions above.