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Learn How To 10X Your Next ICO Getting Ready For Launch - We're Going To The Moon baby!

Imagine if you bought Bitcoin for $5 dollars 7 Years Ago, You’d have $4.4 Millions today.

If you bought $1,000 worth of Ethereum at they’re ICO stage in 2015 for 30c, you’de have over $1Million today.

If you missed the boat on Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t worry …

bicoin accepted here sm

There are tons of ICO’s launching every day with opportunities to profit.

It’s knowing how to spot the good ones and avoid the bad ones, we show you exactly how to pick the diamonds in the rough  in our step by step ICO Gold Rush video e-course.

We offer an educational training course to help new people profit from “Initial Coin Offerings” or ICO’s for short.

Leverage our expertise and let us help you profit from ICO’s minimizing your risk of getting scammed.

Follow our step by step training material to ensure you have the highest probability of success.

Let’s face it, with the rapid growth of ICO’s there is a huge gold rush happening right now, and you can get a piece of this Billion dollar pie.

The team at ICO Gold Rush are investors themselves, so they practice what they preach and buy ICO’s weekly.



Step 1 – Find ICO’s

Step 2 – Apply ICOGR Checklist

Step 3 – Invest Responsibly

Step 4 – Sell Tokens

Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat

What’s in the Course

Step by Step Blueprint on how to Invest in ICO’s from A-Z , then we show you how to sell those tokens to make profit. Every step of the way is shown so if your a newbie or experienced with ICO’s you will still learn some thing new.

Lesson 1 – Basics and getting on the same page

  • The basics to get everyone on the same page
  • The end goal why we flip them for quick cash
  • Where to find the best ICO’s
  • WhiteListing, KYC and Pre registration info
  • This video is the secret source how you get ICO’s at the cheapest price
  • Why we use a check list and data matching so we prevent getting scammed
  • Hidden trap for newbie ICO’s buyers, get this wrong and you lose everything
  • 2 Strategies you can addopt to get to 7 figures depending on your level of risk

Lesson 2 – Wallet setup, send & receive tokens

  • Which web based wallet is the best for all your ICO buying
  • How to login this is a tricky step many options I show you the easiest way
  • How to transact and buy ICO tokens with our new web wallet
  • How to transfer our tokens out so we can sell them and make a profit

Lesson 3 – Core lessons in ICO Checklist

  • What real-life application or offline problem does it solve, otherwise it’s not worth investing in
  • The team has to be able to follow through and execute
  • With out expert advisers the project could fail?
  • This is important , we don’t want to invest into a white paper or pie in the sky idea
  • This is debatable I talk about it more in depth about Soft cap & Hard cap
  • Also import factor when you measure your metrics
  • If the token metrics are off you could be investing into deep space with no returns
  • The 2 distinctions that can make or break a ICO

Lesson 4 – Checklist videos

  • Over the shoulder view how the check list works
  • How does Token metrics calculator work
  • Live example using checklist for a ICO that has positive rating
  • Live example using checklist for a ICO that has negtive rating

Lesson 5 – Flipping for Profit

  • How to sell your tokens on Bittrex
  • How to sell your tokens on Liqui
  • How to sell your tokens on Bitfinex
  • How to sell your tokens on HitBTC

Lesson 6 – Summarize

  • What to do next now you finished the learning the content

What You Get From Learning The Course

You will have the knowledge to 2x, 5x and 10x your ICO’s. You will be able to know what to look for in an Upcoming ICO, make a decision to participate or not. You will have confidence to know how to buy and the steps involved. You will have no hesitation to sell for 2x, 5x 10 as you will follow a step by step ICO checklist. You will no longer be sitting on the sidelines watching. You will be searching for your next ICO to dominate.

ICO Basics

Learn the basics of ICO’s. What is the purpose and how will you benfit.

Ethereum Wallet Basics

To to send, receive, add custom tokens, etc

Smart Contact Pooling

This feature will be available in 2018 

ICO Checklist

A step by step checklist to evaluate ICO’s and discover real gems.

Buying Strategies

Learn the exact buying strategies to get your tokens at the best possible price

Selling Strategies

Learn When and How to sell your Tokens for the best possible price

 Tricky Hunter says

“I’ve been on the internet since 1991. Since then I’ve been through many scams and many online courses. There are a lot of courses out there that once you have purchased the course, you will never hear from the course creator ever again. This is not one of those courses. This is a legit course, it will teach you everything you need to know about ICOs and how to invest in them properly. You won’t find this information on YouTube.


The course creator Ng Gavin knows his stuff (I would be the first person to call him out on it if he didn’t) and I have no regrets about the money I handed over, it was money well spent in enhancing my knowledge and increasing my financial education.

I purchased the ICO Gold Rush course because I wanted to learn everything I could about investing in ICOs. As Warren Buffet says ‘The more I learn, the more I earn’ and I can honestly say I have made money as a result of this course. If you are new to crypto, this course is for you and even if you are a crypto veteran, this course still has advanced knowledge regarding ICOs that you may not be aware of.

For me personally this course has taught me how to properly evaluate an ICO before handing over my hard earned money. There are rules and certain criteria an ICO must meet before I would even consider investing in it. I’ve learned how to properly estimate a tokens future price and whether an ICO is a ‘good deal’ for the investor or an absolute lemon. I’m also more confident now about spotting a scam or seeing ‘red flags’ when evaluating an ICO. There were certain things about ICOs that I was a bit fuzzy on and this course cleared those issues up for me.

The course comes with a private slack group where the course creator Ng Gavin and other members are available each day to answer any questions you may have. The after sales support has been excellent. We help each other as a group and I continue to learn every day.
If you are about to invest in ICOs and have no clue what you are doing, do yourself a favour, invest in yourself first and purchase the ICO Gold Rush course.”


Steve Laker says

“Wow, What an education…. there is some value here for experienced and professional ico investors, however if you are new or relatively new to the ICO world, its a MUST. ICO’S are the Lamborghini’s of the crypto investment world and as with all high preforming vehicles… YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IT. If you put a 16 year old student driver behind a lambo, there is a good chance of disaster.. Learn learn learn…

My current results show a 4x, 3x and a 2x, with 2 other big big names about to hit the market.”

Richard Trummer says

“I have been in the online space since many years and this is the first testimonial I ever did. Why? Because this is the first course that actually works and delivers. The course provides all the information you need to know to make money with ICO`s. So far I have made 2.5x and 3.3x my money on ICO`s that I have already cashed out. I am still holding most of my ICO`s, they are sitting at 4x, one more than 10x of my initial seed money atm, rising.



Since I have joined ICO Gold Rush I have invested into 15 ICO`s, none of them a loser yet. ICO Gold Rush is the best investment I have ever made, and I made a lot lol. For me the most valuable part is not even the great course but the wonderful people and community in the course. We share our knowledge and every single person profits from it! With ICOGR you will soon know which ICO`s are gems and which ones are crab. I am so much more confident in chosing the best ICO now! Grab ICO Gold Rush while you can!”

Gordon Myrdal says

“I have been involved in the online world for a few years now. I came across Ng Gavin about a year ago after watching some of his videos on programs he was involved in.
I likes his “tell it like it is “style and his honesty in telling viewers to not spend money on programs that you can’t afford to lose.


When I saw that Ng was going to be launching a new course called ICO Gold Rush I didn’t know much about ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) so I did a little research on them.
I had no hesitation when I got notice that the course was ready to open up for a short period of time. The course fee didn’t put me off because I knew if Ng was involved in this it had to be valuable.

The ICO Gold Rush course is invaluable to newbie or experienced traders of ICO’s. The benefits of the course are too many to list. The advance information you get cannot be found on the internet. It teaches you step by step how to evaluate an ICO properly and find only the cream of the crop. You can separate the gems from the scams. There is a slack group where members can post questions and interact with each other. The weekly webinar is my favourite as members can discuss current and upcoming ICO’s and how they are performing.

In the two months that I have been a member of this course I have only good things to say. I would recommend the ICO Gold Rush course to anyone who wants to make legitimate money online. I have already made many times the cost of the course in investing in the best ICO’s. Start enjoying profits like many of the current members. With 2018 coming and the ICO market about to explode even more why wait any longer.
ICO Gold Rush is Priceless!

Ralf Klein says

“I’ll be honest, first I was very skeptical, how could someone with his background tell me about ICO’s and tell me how to do due diligence, my experience especially as a financial planner.

But today I must admit I was wrong, it was a good decision to join this course, I got so many useful information from Ng, his support is quite awesome, and especially the group supporting each other and helping each other”


Anusha Raghunathlall says

“ICO Gold..Life changing..Stay at home mum with a sick baby has given me peace and financial freedom. Never had when I worked 10 hr shift. Also lost a lot of money in scam projects. Just 4x another ICO.

So easy to make good money all I do is follow my coach and mentor….Gavin….Who also babies us through it. Copy and paste. Earn money and learn at the same time. Salute you NG for affording us this great knowledge and opportunity of becoming financially free.”


Over 300 Members have already joined the Community


Also included Free access to our Members only ICO Gold Rush Slack group where all the members can interact

Exclusive webinar/s to discuss up coming ICO’s and picks


We put all the risk on us because we want you to feel like your purchase , we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If after 12 months you fail to make at least double your money what you paid for the course, we will refund you 100% of your money at the rate you paid on the day. To qualify for this all you need to do is actively purchase 10 ICO’s in the 12 month period and follow the check list outlined in the course. To our discretion we will access your history and refund back your purchase cost of the course.

Full Package includes:

30+ Videos of Content
2hrs plus of video viewing
ICO Checklist Spreadsheet
Master Mind Slack Group
Weekly Webinars
Money back guarantee with 12 months to try first
  • Ng Gavin

    Ng Gavin

    Creator of ICO Gold Rush Course

  • Garth Scaysbrook

    Garth Scaysbrook

    Lead Developer and Graphic Design

From the team of ICOGR we look forward to having you on board as a student.


 CryptoCoffeeClub says

“I came into this with 2k in my pocket now I have 20x that in < 6 months, into the first round of ICO gold rush and from being patient and doing due diligence, listen to the man hes one of the only that isn't selling you shit."


Gary Goodwin says

“Join the team and become a master with ICO Investments. Best thing I’ve done for a while. Everything on the website to become an ICO Crypto Specialist”

David Oz says

“I joined ICO Gold Rush because of the trust I have in Ng Gavin. I value his honesty, thinking and calling it as it is.

Ng introduced me to the crypto world in June 2017 after he started talking about crypto and it’s been a wild ride since then…




I joined ICO Gold Rush when Ng said he was developing the system about ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) to launch in September. The system provides invaluable information, training, exchange of knowledge between members via the ICO Gold Rush Slack channel and opportunity to multiply your investment with a reduced risk.

ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) can be a mine field that will quickly swallow your dollars and wealth. The small one off cost of the program can be quickly recovered in one or two trades investing $100 – $200.

Like many in the group we have other jobs that take time and I have cut back on them to concentrate on crypto. Since becoming an ICO Gold Rush student in September I have learnt so much. But like many of the newbies we need to sort the good from the bad slowly investing in new quality ICO’s

Benefits of ICO Gold Rush…

For any newbie or experienced trader in the crypto world whose objective is to trade ICO’s profitability best you join a group such as ICO Gold Rush.

After only a few short months with a Slack group of some 150 people from about the globe sharing ideas and information on what are the best ICO’s to provide a profit. Keep in mind many members are new to ICO’s exchanging ideas on what will give you the best return. It’s also a place to learn and seek help on a wide range of subjects. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

If you are new to crypto and ICO’s it is recommended you start small to learn and profit from the system. Once you gain the knowledge and confidence it is possible to 5x or 10x your investment within a few months.

As this market is unregulated it is vital that you learn how to protect your business, trades and wealth and ICO Gold Rush and its members will help you along the way.

We have two leaders within ICO Gold Rush:
Ng Gavin founder and creator of the course
Garth Scaysbrook lead developer and graphic designer

Additional information visit the website: https://icogoldrush.net/

Understand membership to ICO Gold Rush is limited in numbers and only open to new membership from time to time.

About Ng
• He is a worker and persistent
• He has been in online business for years.
• He has developed an eye for scams after been ripped off in the past.
• He will not push you into anything. He will make suggestions and it’s up to you to do the research and make your decision.
• He had the foresight to move to Thailand from Australia recently to save costs and make money.
• I wish him every success in life.”

Hank Earles says

“It’s a system and your not going at it blind”. He’s already double his money on one ICO.